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SK Tax Associates, CPAs

Manendra Kothari is qualified Chartered Accountant from India and qualified and licensed CPA from US. He has 15+ years of total accounting and tax experience working on board of large and small public accounting firms.

Our experience on board of large US accounting firm include handling large corporate accounts, business consulting, tax planning and compliance for high net worth clients to multi million dollars corporations in various industries. With special focus in an international tax matters and domestic and cross border merger and acquisitions, we have  handled IRS matters at all level from examination to IRS appeals.

At SK Tax Associates, we provide range of extended services to our clients in various industries. We provide traditional accounting and tax related services to individual and businesses from bookkeeping, payroll processing, sales tax compliance and annual tax returns but our focus is always to go beyond compliance and help our client thrive by providing extended range of services that are rarely offered by most CPA firms.

Tax is very important when it comes to any business decision or retirement planning. We can help you make wise business / retirement tax decisions. Whether it is strategic business planning (domestic / cross border), entity planning, merger / acquisitions, IRS representations or even for your day to day business decisions, we can make a difference.

Please feel free to contact us and see how we can make difference in your business decisions and help you thrive. With office locations in Schaumburg IL and Streamwood IL, we are available year around to understand any of your needs.